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In our spiritual luminary series, we feature someone who personifies a key spiritual value.

Pioneer in Contemplative End of Life Care. Raghu is joined by Frank Osteseski, a Buddhist teacher and guiding light for people who are facing the death and dying process. Co-presented with the Coastal Health Alliance~.

Caring for people who are dying can be an intimate and deeply . Questa breve raccolta di scritti nasce dalla collaborazione iniziata nel 19tra la Rete di Indra e Frank Ostaseski e che da allora lo ha portato in Italia ogni anno . San Francisco Zen Center (SFZC), is a network of affiliated Sōtō Zen practice and retreat. Frank Ostaseski has much to share on Mindfulness. If you have an opportunity, be with him at any of the programs listed below.

Zen Hospice Project provides hospice care for individuals of any . Artist: Frank Ostaseski; Title: Resistance is Futile; AlbuDharmaPodcast; Year: 2013; Length: 35:minutes (3MB); Format: MPStereo 44kHz 128Kbps . Talking Transitions with Frank Ostaseski by Be Here Now Network from desktop or your mobile device. Compassion With Attunement – Frank Ostaseski This teaching is given freely .