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Eliminate Problematic Matrix Interferences for Robust Analysis of Pesticide. Applikationen nach Technologie. Artikel aus der GERSTEL Aktuell.

Save time and achieve more accurate pesticide determinations using these pre-prepared dispersive SPE multipacks for QuEChERS extractions. Dispersive SPE DisposablePipetteExtraction (DPX). In the sample extraction stage, the . PSA that is part of the dispersive SPE step.

The QuEChERS procedure is usually a two-stage process: sample extraction followed by dispersive SPE. Quick and simple sample cleanup for determination of pesticides in foods of plant origin according to EN 15662:2008 . SPE (D-SPE)-cleanup, where C(ODS) sorbent is used as described in (c). PSA (primary-secondary amine SPE sorbent) and mg C18. For dispersive SPE, you suspend the media in the sample solution to trap interference from the solution, and you analyze the solution for the . Select the Extraction Kit depending on the type of food and method to be used.

One Aliquot (mL) of sample from Phase is . Die Festphasenextraktion (englisch solid phase extraction, kurz SPE, ältere Bezeichnung auch Sorbensextraktion) ist eine Probenvorbereitungsmethode in . Thermo Scientific offers a range of QuEChERS dispersive SPE products for effective multi- residue pesticide analysis.

L Solid Phase Extraction Products Chromatography. Centrifuge the dispersive SPE tubes at more than 3000g. Options for Handling Extracts for Analysis Depending on the LOQ neede the chosen pesticide . Price per Unit (netto): €1400. Ask a question about this product.

These products come in a variety of sizes, from mL to. L for the dispersive-solid phase extraction (d-SPE) centrifuge tubes,. Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Sesquihydrate, . In this step, an aliquot of the sample extract from Step .