Annette larkins

Weiteres Bild meldenMelde das anstößige Bild. I strive to have a better Quality of life Rather than Quantity. Sehr beeindruckend was rein pflanzliche Rohkost-Ernährung, frisch gepresste Säfte, Sprossen, selber .

Every corner of her garden has something that is. She motivated me to try and eat raw or juice my food. I will try again because she is my hero. She maintains her youthful appearance by eating lots of raw fruits and .

She follows a raw vegan diet and . Annette looks like your average, . Here, you can see that today years later, she remains a stunning beauty and exudes perfect, vibrant . She does it by growing her own foo juicing and eating a . By VICTORIA WELLMAN UPDATED: 03:EST, March 2012. Sie ist über Jahre alt und sieht aus wie zwischen und 40. She longs to see a healthier existence throughout the world.

This video alone keeps me going. Every time I see a new wrinkle, feel a little sluggish, or think about disease, my mind always goes back to the .

Ich bin erst Jahre alt, doch ich will noch lange jung aussehen und gesund sein. Es gibt so einige Vorbilder, die mir zeigen, dass man das . What I do have to offer to you is good clean living, on the hierarchy I would say that living foods is what we all need to be about. The image of health, vitality and youth with a . It was not due to the influence of any animal rights group; I had not even met a vegetarian at that time.

Le immagini che mostrano la perfetta forma della signora che ha superato i 70. She is an example of how women can slow down and even reverse the effects of aging . At years old and looking many, many years younger this raw food expert .