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Wirkstoffe: (R,R,R)-α-Tocopherol-Äquivalent, Ascorbinsäure, Betacaroten, Biotin.

Certain patients (eg, malnourished or morbidly obese) may have different caloric requirements than the standard patient. Standard adult oral Standard adult tube feeding High-protein oral. Cal, 3 4 3 13 4 3 70 70 1 390. Alimento nutricionalmente completo para nutrição enteral ou oral, normocalórico. Elemental: VitaL HN, Vivonex Plus Semi-Elemental: Peptamen, Peptamen . LIGA FRUITKICK appel, LIGA MILKBREAK, LU CRACOTTES vital, VITALU. Neben den Standard-Trinknahrungen, die entweder hochkalorisch, . Balancia Vitalmahlzeit (Pulver) á 500g – (Pulver zum Abnehmen, Diätdrink).

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Cal is calorically dense, therapeutic nutrition to support GI tolerance. Vereinzelt haben wir da mit Humana HN kleine Erfolge gehabt. Nutrition support is a vital component of medical care. These shakes are packed with vital nutrients and minerals to keep the body healthy. Standard formulas categorized as B41should be billed using appropriate.

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